JOUR 2007 Final Project

There’s a saying in the Hong Kong dining scene: the camera eats first. With the advancement of technology, people nowadays can share the photos via social networking sites and applications instantly. Photos of Mouth-watering food pictures, Hashtag foodporn in Instagram seems to be the natural meeting point of ideas.

The colorful photos attracted readers in the age of the celebrity foodies and social media. Obviously we’re spoilt for the choice in Hong Kong when it comes to sheer number of restaurants, and all the snapping and uploading in social media websites. We can found a lot of food photos while we open the instagram app. A lot of people wrote about reviews and comments on food and share on instagram and generally this group of people or we can said food bloggers were being self named as “foodie”.
Tess Yuen and her partner started their foodie instagram FOODSEARCHERS over two years ago. From the start, they just wanted to record what they have eaten for themselves and therefore wrote the food reviews to share among themselves. Gradually, Tess found that she was motivated to write with the reason of not only she loves to eat but also wants to share those delicious food with friends and her followers. From now on, they have made around 1500 posts and gain more than 25000 followers.
On the other hand, with the popularity of being a foodie celebrity, it is common for the restaurants to invite food bloggers to taste from their dishes and write advertising posts for them. In this matter, Tess reveals that she insisted not to get paid. She wrote with her consciousness merely in order to give the unbiased comments on those restaurants.
In the future, Tess said she and her partner would continue to write the food instagram and hope one day she can step out of Hong Kong and try the food around the world


Assignment 2 (Audio Slideshows)

“Occupy Central" movement has been maintained for several days. We can see that Hong Kong students have paid a lot in this movement, for example, sacrificing the chance to go to school and occupied the empty street with the possibility of being arrested. In fact, behind the participation of this protest, how do the students treat this incident? We’ve got students from different institutions and collected the voices from each of them. They expressed how do the Hong Kong students feel about this movement and what they are fighting for. Besides, we could also hear about the long-term prospects for Hong Kong from the students.

We have been conducting interviews in different institution in Hong Kong in order to find Hong Kong University Students.

Edited by

Tang Hoi Man (13203487)
Chan Wing Yin(14202646)
Chan Yi Ching(14211009)

Busy busy work.

Entering the mid-October, it is the busiest time when hall councils should hold most activities to residents. Being one of the member of hall council, I need to operate a resources station outside the hall at daytime, and have meeting which focuses on the activities to residents at night.

I don’t even have free time to sleep. How can I take part in the movement?

Carmen comforted me that ‘Operating the resources station is a kind of support too. Nobody said that there’s a must to go to the movement in person as a demonstration of participating in the movement.’ Maybe she’s true.

Wish I could have 48hours a day so that I can allocate my time to do all the things I want.

Assignment 1(Photo Slideshows)

Introduction: After years and years, we are becoming taller and stronger. We have our own world. Chasing dreams, holding functions at university, hanging out with friends, doing part-time are all what we do. However, have you ever found that you are spending less time and paying less love to somebody who pay his/her whole life to you? Have you ever thought what they would do and how they would feel when you are busying or tiring with works? I tried to capture the life of my mum and experience how she feel. This inspires me that even doing very stupid thing, like walking on the beach and digging shells, could be the happiest thing to them when they are with you. I wish people would think more on how to spend more time with their family. 🙂


While editing these photos, I used photoshop to make the characher, my mother, to be black and white at the beginning. This is used to show the mood of she when she is alone. Afterwards, while I started to realized that I should spend more time with her, she looks more happy thus the color are saturated and colorful. No more black and white photos have been seen.


IMG_5786_bnw “Even I am living in hall and I seldom back home, everyday she will try her best to clean up my room to ensure I have a nice home when I back without informing her."

IMG_5845_bnw“She doesn’t have any pasttime. However, she would drink bitter tea with my dad at night. They always say that the tea is sweet while I am drinking with them.

IMG_5882_bnw “After drinking tea, she would sometimes go to have a walk. Is it boring to walk alone? Or is she just expecting to see a sweet face, who has not back home for a long time?"

IMG_5761_bnw “She would speak to the hamster like speaking to her daughter "

IMG_5253_bnw “She visit her mum twice a week. I am sure that she knows to take care her mum much more than I do."

IMG_5267_bnw “She would bring lots of things to see her mum."

IMG_5286_bnw “And teach her mum how to use or eat those things patiently. When was the last time I buy her gift?"

IMG_5386_bnw “Feeding my grandpa’s dog is one of her interests. She also loves to speak with it. Are there any reasons… She might need a listener for the troubles she are having, for the sadness she are facing."

IMG_5329_bnw “Bringing my grandma’s dog to have a walk with her… Is she lonely…"

IMG_5449_bnw “She would sometimes even go hiking alone. Is it too dangerous for a woman to walk alone on the hill?"

IMG_5507_edited “I understand finally. Bring her to have a walk. No more hestitate."

IMG_5523_EDITED “Watching sunset with the one you love. The precious moment."

IMG_5573_edited “Showing me the shell she digged under the sand. Behave like a child and being happy."

IMG_5589_edited “I suddenly realized that.. sometimes it is not about doing some special things in a special place, but it’s about who you are with. Treasure the one."


I am still going to the Umbrella Revolution every night. Because of staying overnight, I might not be able to attend lessons as well as mid-term tests.

I was frustrated on how I should balance between studies and the movement. I can’t neglect the support which I should pay to here. But at the same time, I have the responsibilities to be a good student too. I skipped all the classes, projects, presentations and tests. Simply saying, I am having zero improvement on my studies. I know I am lucky to have the lecturer’s support to the movement. I don’t know how to tell my partents that I am skipping all classes. Should I leave?

But I will be shameful to myself if I am not trying to pay my fully support and participation to the brighter future of Hong Kong. It is a valuable opportunity which we can occupy the road in Central and have the bargaining power with the government.
What should I do ? Stay or leave ?